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So far, another busy year with a lot of Semantics time being used on the Rhondda Music Festival. After the success of 2009 with the Manfreds we did indeed have Rick Wakeman headlining this year, he was brill. We set up the festival website and put on a week of gigs. The money raised went to the mental health charity M.I.N.D. and is helping to keep their Pontypridd drop-in centre open, against all odds.

We recorded a track for the "Cream of the Valleys" CD; also released for the festival. This track is called "Holding up the Store", a happy little song with a south African feel, about a drug addict son of a drunken mother, sad, sad , sad. But dont despair, it is in fact a song of redemption, as our hero is saved by the love of a good woman and other myths. (Editors note; which part is the myth, the "love of a good woman", or "good woman"?) (ouch, sorry dear).

The amount raised this year was £7,000 and that takes our running total to about £22,000. Well done everyone involved.

We also added a drummer occasionally, his name is Big Bad Chris, unfortunately you may not see him at a gig, either because his nan wont let him out to play, or because you cant see him over the drums as he's only 2'6" tall, but he is growing. (What do you mean we've just lost another drummer?)

That’s enough, please now go to the rest of the site, and leave us a message in the guestbook.


A year of lots going on in Semanticland. We ended the year as we started it, alive and just about breathing but talking gibberish, in between the usual mix of gigs and things, but also this year we set up the Rhondda Music Festival. Not so much a festival more a start of a festival, with the main events being Paul Jones and The Manfreds headlining at the Park & Dare supported by DOZY who are of course a Semantics forerunner and world famous in the underworld. To tie in with this we released a CD of Dozy complete with a couple of Semantics tracks and Danny and the Daleks, but in Dozy style none of the songs that people actually know them for. Dickheads as ever. Maybe that will come (Dan?). The CD and event raised another 4000. for M.I.N.D and that now takes the total to about 15,000 from events. See discography.

We also set up the guestbook, although we didn't tell anyone so only a couple of people know about it, but they did say nice things. Thankyou. If you wish to leave a message we will accept insults as well. Next year for the festival we have RICK WAKEMAN booked, and also a couple of extra gigs, details to be announced. We are looking to get a drummer for a change, and hope to see you at some of our gigs on the giglist.


We are the Semantics and who knows who's in the band at the moment. At the time of writing we comprise of:-

We play mainly covers, because we like to get gigs occasionally, and slide some original songs in if we think they are good enough and will fit into the venue we are playing. We will play weddings, funerals, christenings, birthdays, divorce days, dying days, Martians landing on Earth days, eyeballs falling out of your socket and landing in your pint glass days, and for anybody who wishes to pay us. Anything. We accept cash and even greenshield stamps.

We sell CD's that we have recorded and all the money we sell them for goes to MIND - the mental health charity. We sell them for a minimum donation of 1 or as much as you want to give. How good is that? It has often been said what wonderful music is on these CD's although it is only the band members that have said it (but often).

Should you wish to purchase a copy of anything, simply send a cheque for whatever you think plus 2.00 for postage and packaging and we will send you whatever you want. Please don't forget to give us your name and address.

Send your cheques to:
Semantics CD for MIND
c/o Alpha Kitchens,
44a Hannah St
Rhondda RCT
CF39 9RA

Cheques should be made payable to:
"Semantics CD for MIND"

If you don't like the music, the CD will prop up wobbly tables admirably.

So far the grand total stands at over 10,000 and the money has been used for musical equipment and programmes, and also gardening equipment for the Merthyr & the Valleys MIND.

We can be contacted also by phone and email.